Daniel Coyle: The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups (2018) 4 stars

Culture Code: a good book about how culture shapes and is shaped by groups

4 stars

A good book based on the experiences of a dude who went observing and studying what constitutes a safe, strong, productive, and effective group. A group here might mean a company, a sports team, a classroom, or maybe a squad of SEALs.

The things Daniel finds out and how they laid out the book to describe how these things work at certain successful organizations is very helpful in terms of making concepts concrete such as building psychological safety, making people work as teams, measuring what matters, and making people aware of the environment they're working in and how it might effect results.

The book is very "leader-oriented", e.g. it mostly assumes that there is a strong and/or respected leader who has to make change happen. I somewhat disagree with this notion and I would suggest reading Humanocracy in addition to this book, while also taking the time to read up about workplace democracy (not just team autonomy) and unionization, and how it might effect results in addition to the things talked about in Culture Code.

If you're a so called "line worker" the things talked about in this book might be interesting to you, but the book really makes no effort towards giving non-leaders any tools or techniques for making bottom-up changes in one's organization to help the organizational culture change.