Life, the Universe and Everything

(The Hitchhiker's Trilogy, #3)

Mass Market Paperback, 227 pages

English language

Published Oct. 27, 1983 by Pocket Books.

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Pow! Freeeeoooooo! Pop! Pop Pop! Previous Best Score...Seven million five hundred and ninety-five thousand, two hundred and...

Now join the end-of-the-world party, bring your pink towel and your jogging shoes and find out if potatoes are the answer.

Life, the Universe and Everything

Join Arthur Dent, earthling, "jerk," kneebiter and time-traveler; sexy space cadet Trillian; mad alien Ford Prefect; unflappable Slatifbartfast; two-headed, three-armed, ex-head Honcho of the Universe Zaphod'll learn to fly.

Is it the end? Or just the beginning, again.

--back cover

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