Sing Me to Sleep (Hardcover, Hodderscape) 3 stars

Saoirse Sorkova survives on secrets. As the last siren in her kingdom, she can sing …

Von hinten durch die Brust ins Auge

3 stars

A beautiful woman killing any creep who gropes her, and recharging her energy that way? Hell fucking yes, I'm so here for that. I also like a lot of the magic system in this world even though it doesn't seem balanced at all, and how the hell did the fae manage to seize all power in the first place??

Anyway. the problem is, this conspiracy plot doesn't make sense at all. It's needlessly complicated and could have been sooo much easier, faster, more effective and efficient, and more failsafe. It really didn't have to involve Saoirse at all. In German we say "hintenrum durch die Brust ins Auge" and I think that's really fitting here.

Moreover, the evil side's ethics, motivation, behaviour and plans are not consistent at all. Really, it's all just stitched together to enable this siren-and-prince-falling-in-love plot.

For fuck's sake though: Never fall in love with royals, they're all shitheads, no exceptions, none.

Content warnings for the book: genocide, lots of murder, torture, blackmail, slavery