The Book of Lost Tales 1(The History of Middle-Earth, Vol. 1)

(History of Middle-earth (1))

mass market paperback, 344 pages

English language

Published April 21, 1992 by Del Ray/Balantine Books.


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The story begins with a man named Eriol, as he lands on the 'Lonely Island' mythical prehistory England. While traveling he stops at the "Cottage of Lost Play" a house owned by Lindo and Vairë elves. They tell him how they came to be there, and of a place called the 'Cottage of Children', a place where Children that had gotten lost in the woods could stay. Its caretaker left and the cottage was rediscovered by Lindo's father, and he took the children to this island, with him, and now Lindo looks after them.

The next day Eriol walks in the garden and meets the door man, and is told the story of "The Music of the Ainur". A creation myth where the creator sings into being immortal spirits, that with their help sing into being the world. One of these spirits becomes evil, and begins to dislike the two …

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1 star

Kokoelma Tolkienin nuorempana kirjoittamia ja luonnoksiksi jääneitä, toisiinsa linkittyviä tarinoita. Hyvin vanhahtavaa ja pompöösiä kieltä, ja välissä on paljon Christopher Tolkienin kommentaaria ja vaihtoehtoisia versioita, ja tämän oheissälän skippasin ihan suorilta, koska en minä oikein jaksanut olla yhtään ajatuksella mukana tämän lukemisessa.


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